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Tumblr is my daily overdose of images. 


Sometimes I don’t even look at the captions. 


I just click on “Reblog”, and I re-post a picture on my Tumblr,

simply because that particular picture moved something, aroused an emotion inside me.


I also connected Tumblr to Instagram, so that everything I post on Instagram,

it simultaneously appears on my Tumblr. Some other times i just post directly on Tumblr.


I’m sharing here on AdR FACTORY this wicked, odd and instinctive stream of images and animated gifs, that influences my tastes, tickles and sharpens my fantasy. All this material is often a starting point for many visual influences that I later put in my editorial and communication projects. Tumblr is definitely my favourite social network. The one that I can use freely, without restraint. In this era, in which Facebook has become mere technologic fascism, Twitter looks like a small press office, and Instagram like a cheerful community of exhibitionists, Tumblr is the only cozy place, like a niche, full of people that are addicted to the visual instinct of things.


Tumblr, I love you.
(Giuliano Federico


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