GRACE: A Memoir
by Grace Coddington


Beautiful. Willful. Charming. Blunt.
Grace Coddington’s extraordinary talent and fierce dedication to

her work  as creative director of Vogue have made her

an international icon,  are narrated in her memories.
With the witty, forthright voice that has endeared her
to her colleagues and peers for more than forty years,
Grace now creatively directs the reader through the storied narrative of her

life so far. Grace describes her early career as a model, working with such
world-class photographers as David Bailey and Norman Parkinson,
before she stepped behind the camera to become a fashion editor at British Vogue

in the late 1960s.  Here she began creating the fantasy “travelogues” that would

become her trademark. In 1988 she joined American Vogue,
where her breathtakingly romantic and imaginative fashion features,
have become instant classics.
Delightfully underscored by Grace’s pen-and-ink illustrations,
Grace will introduce readers to the colorful designers, hairstylists,
makeup artists, photographers, models, and celebrities

with whom she has created her signature images.
Grace reveals her private world with equal candor.

Finally, Grace describes her abiding relationship with Anna Wintour,
and the evolving mastery by which she has come to define the height of fashion.
“If Wintour is the Pope… Coddington is Michelangelo,
trying to paint a fresh version  of the Sistine Chapel
twelve times a year.” Time


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