5 reasons to love



5 reasons to love Taylor Lautner



Because Taylor represents the revenge of the losers, he is the personification of the

american dream, the “first between the last“, or, perhaps, the last among the first: his

origins are native (half Ottawa and half Potowatomi) but also French, Dutch and

German. I cannot imagine a mix more American and more fascinating than this.



Because being part of the Jacob team means, on one side, to feel ourselves as an outsider,

beyond literary stereotypes, and on the other, in the real life, it means to accept any defeat,

and to know how to face an unrequited love and to turn these feelings into a new energy.



Because he forced Twilight’s screenwriters to give more space to his character, and we all

know that these is always a great actor behind the unexpected success of a movie character.



Because whan he was a child he studied karate, and in 2013, at last, we will see him show 

off his ability in martial arts to experiment parkour, in the movie “Cam




Because in 2014 he will be the leading actor (and also producer) in the next

Gus Van Sant movie, in a story taken from an article of the New Yorker. 

Sounds enough, isn’t it?






(Giuliano Federico)