3Words Interview

I asked Rachel Zoe to answer my questions
about her feeling with Los Angeles in 3 words


3 words to describe Los Angeles

I need 4! Relaxed. Casual. Happy. Scenic.


3 words to communicate your love for Los Angeles

Where I exhale.


Why should I live in Los Angeles? Give me 3 reasons

 Gorgeous weather, mountains, Malibu beaches.


3 reasons to not live in Los Angeles

 I can’t wear my collection of vintage coats, hats and boots!


Your 3 favorite places in Los Angeles

Sunset Tower Restaurant & Bar, Chateau Marmont, SoHo House.


3 best fashion inspirations of all time from Los Angeles

 Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Anjelica Houston.


Your 3 favorite shops in Los Angeles 

Resurrection, Curve, Elyse Walker.


3 most exciting recent fashion styling trends in Los Angeles

 Anything velvet, belt bags, maxi skirts.


The 3 coolest things to do right now in Los Angeles

Farmers markets, vintage shopping, Malibu weekends.


Your 3 favorite movies of all time

Almost Famous, Twilight, Belle du Jour.


Your 3 favorite actresses of all time

Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Diane Keaton.


Your 3 favorite actors of all time 

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery.


(Interview by Giuliano Federico)



Sunset Tower Hotel > 
Chateau Marmont > 
Soho House > 
Resurrection (vintage shop) > 
Curve (shop) > 
Elyse Walker (shop) >